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As if selling a house wasn’t hard enough, if your home doesn’t look the way potential buyers want it to look, your property could end up sitting on the market for months. Are you struggling to sell your home in Vancouver because of its unique style? Or maybe you’re asking, “how can I sell my house fast Vancouver?” Whichever the case, welcome to His Hands Properties, where we buy all styles of homes.

Most house styles can be found in neighborhoods throughout the U.S., but each region tends to lean towards a couple of specific styles. What is the type of your Vancouver home? Will potential house buyers be able to find a Pueblo Revival architectural style in Vancouver? This style of house is probably not the norm in the Pacific Northwest as it is in the Southwest. Local factors such as history, weather, and natural landscape have a significant impact on the house style in your region.

We Buy Houses Vancouver – No Matter The Style

Below are some popular house styles in the Washington state:

1. Rustic Cabins

These houses are the original style for many frontier families, built primarily from salvaged wood and logs because there weren’t tools or time to turn them into lumber. These houses were also built small, just enough to meet the owners’ needs and leave the wants for later. Now rustic cottages have grown into lodges five times the original size.

2. Colonial Revival

Colonial architecture shares several styles from various cultures, but they significantly influence the settlers that migrated to the U.S. from Europe. Colonial houses are recognized by several defining features such as symmetry from columns, to doors, to windows, and more, multiple stories, window shutters, and double chimneys.

3. Cottages And Bungalows

Whether as vacation houses, starter homes, or just suitable for small families, bungalow-style houses are typically tiny and feature a single story. Cottage-style homes are easy to picture with flower gardens with a bit of landscaping. Nothing fancy. If they have a second story, it is probably an attic. This house style is popular among smaller families.  

4. Floating Homes

For decades, floating houses or houseboats have been synonymous with the Washington state and the Pacific North West in general. Washington has got water, lots of it. One solution, people take a cottage and design it to float instead of having a foundation. Some property owners even make it simpler and buy a boat and convert it into a home. While these houseboats may seem small, they often feature compelling architecture and interior design that makes the most of the space.

Floating houses started small, but as people in Washington became richer, floating houses transformed from small tiny boats to floating mansions.  

5. Modern

While modern/contemporary-style houses offer tremendous flexibility in interior and architectural design, most show similar design elements: clean lines, an industrial feel, minimal to complete lack of ornamentation, and open floor plans.

Metal, concrete, glass­, name it – recent modern houses lean towards the use of different materials in combination to create a home that defies description.  

We Buy Houses Vancouver

Sell Your House Fast In Vancouver As-Is

Contrary to what social media and the internet may have you believe, not every freshly remodeled, or brand-new house can sell fast. When you decide to list your home in Vancouver and are asking, “How can I sell my house fast Vancouver,” it’s time to face the music. Regardless of the architectural style of your Vancouver home, issues like a cracked foundation or a dingy floor are going to raise red flags with typical potential buyers.

Are you struggling to sell your cottage-style house in Vancouver?

Or maybe your floating house has issues such as a leaky floor? If you’re asking, “Can I sell my house fast Vancouver” and want to sell your home as-is, we can help. At His Hands Properties, we buy homes throughout Vancouver regardless of the design or condition.

We Buy Houses Vancouver For Cash!

Whether through a desire to be unconventional, nostalgia, or the weather, there are many other house styles in Vancouver. Luckily, at His Hands Properties, we love and buy all kinds of Pacific Northwest house styles, including Tudor Revival, Ranches and Ramblers, Mid Century style homes, Craftsman, Foursquare, and even Mediterranean-style homes.

Whatever the style of your house, we would love to make you an all-cash offer for your house. We buy houses in Vancouver and take pride in our ability to close home sales in as little as seven days.

When you have a unique house with an unconventional architectural design – especially ones in poor condition, selling fast can seem like a pipe dream. Even when you attack buyers, the chances are they will come in with low-ball offers. But we’ve got you covered. Stop asking, “Is it possible to sell my house fast Vancouver WA,” and sell your house to us for cash as-is regardless of the style or condition.

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