We Buy Houses Bellingham In Any Condition

We Buy Houses Bellingham

We buy houses Bellingham and are willing to make a cash offer to buy your home no matter what condition it is in. How is this possible?

We all know that home buyers are generally looking for houses that are in good repair, up-to-date, and have no problems. They want to sign the paperwork and move in. This means that you first need to make any necessary repairs and may even have to go the extra mile and remodel or entirely renovate your home.

Repairs, renovations, and remodeling are not just costly but also time-consuming. The whole point of putting in the extra work is to ensure that your house sells quickly. But the amount of time it takes to fix the property up means that you are going to have to wait for your house to be listed and then still go through the lengthy process of finding potential qualified buyers.

It can take months and in some cases years for a house to sell the traditional route – even if you are using the services of a real estate agent or broker.

We buy houses Bellingham doesn’t want you to go to the expense or waste your time making repairs, renovations, or remodeling your home. We will make you an offer regardless of the amount of work that is needed. In fact, we also make offers on condemned houses and properties.

The reason for this is that we are real estate investors. Our aim is to buy your property, do some work, and then resell it for a profit. This means that we are going to put in the hard work and spend the time necessary to fix and update your home. So you really would be wasting your time and money by making any repairs before you let us make you an offer.

We are experts in the business and understand what potential buyers are looking for and how to renovate homes to attract the best offers. Our team can achieve the best results in a fraction of the time that you would take to accomplish the same. We use this expertise and our skills to maximize the profits when reselling your home.

Fast Cash Offers From We Buy Houses Bellingham

Another way in which we save you time in selling your home is by buying it for cash. Every offer we make is a cash offer. There is no waiting for approval from finance to buy your home.

The reality is that most cash home buyers do not have the funds to buy a house outright for cash and rely on mortgages or home loans to finance the transaction. The bank or financial institution that is providing that finance needs to approve the purchase and the amount of the purchase before the buyer can make an offer and you can get started on the paperwork. 

There is nothing quite as disappointing as having a deal fall through at the last minute because of a lack of mortgage or home loan approval.

We buy houses Bellingham will make you an offer within just 24 hours of contacting us and providing us with a few details about the property. Because we aren’t concerned with the condition of the property when we make an offer, we probably won’t want to view the home before making our offer.

Once you accept our offer, it is a simple matter of completing the paperwork, signing the necessary documentation and we will take care of the rest. From the time you accept our offer to the time the sale is finalized and closed can take as little as 7 days. 

If you are in a position where you need to sell your house in a hurry, turning to His Hands Properties is definitely the way to go.

We Buy Houses Bellingham Saves You Money

You already know that you are saving money on not needing to make repairs and renovations to your home when you sell to a real estate investor. But there are other ways in which you can save money too…

Firstly, we don’t charge any commission or other fees. Remember that we aren’t real estate agents or brokers. We are therefore not providing you with a service but buying your house directly from you. Real estate agents and brokers may charge fees for valuating your property, staging your house, the paperwork, admin, and any other service they provide. Over and above this, they charge a commission which is a percentage of the total amount you receive in payment for selling your property. This percentage can make a serious dent in the profits that you expected to make.

We buy houses in Bellingham at no charge whatsoever and the offer we make is the amount that you will receive – in cash. As a bonus, we even take care of the transfer and closing costs involved with the sale.

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