We Buy Houses Washington State: Common Missteps To Avoid When Selling A Home

We Buy Houses Washington State

We buy houses Washington State whatever your reason for selling. Perhaps you’ve secured a more promising career opportunity elsewhere, are going through a divorce, want to move into a bigger/smaller property, or are facing a financial emergency. Whatever your reason for wanting to sell might be, the bottom line is you want the process completed as quickly as possible and be able to move on with your life with a fair amount of cash in your pocket.

However, this is rarely the case. Selling a house has been identified as one of the most stressful and overwhelming experiences for homeowners. 

Selling a house has generally been a lengthy and arduous process ridden with numerous expenses, fees, and obligations. Well, that was until cash house buying companies like us came into the scene. At His Hand Properties, we buy houses Washington State for cash, and we are committed to providing homeowners with the perfect solution when it comes to selling their homes. Learn more about us later.

Trying to sell a house the traditional way is challenging in and of itself. However, there are some common missteps that house sellers make, especially first-time home sellers, that end up making the situation more difficult for themselves.

Let’s take a look:

We Buy Houses Washington State Even If You’ve Made These Mistakes

Setting An Unreasonably High Price

This is one of the most common mistakes committed by sellers. This is often attributed to the false belief that setting an extremely high price helps to attract better prices by creating more room for negotiation. While there is some reasoning behind this, all this does is scare away potential buyers. In other cases, due to failure to do proper research, a seller may falsely believe that his/her house is worth much more than the actual market value

Failing To Carry Out Crucial Repairs 

The modern homebuyer has unlimited access to information relating to real estate investing. They are wise enough to know not to invest in a home without having it properly inspected by a professional. Thus, if you fail to do important repairs or try to withhold information relating to any property defects, the buyer will find out. As a result, they may choose to back out of the deal or have you complete the repairs first before proceeding with the deal. This not only leads to unnecessary delays but can leave you deeper in financial troubles. 

Fortunately, at His Hands Properties, we buy houses as-is. This means that we will still buy your house regardless of what condition it is in. Thus, you don’t have to worry about wasting time or money doing repairs. 

Ineffective Marketing

Since most buyers begin their search on the internet, you need an effective online marketing strategy. To ensure your listing stands out and captures the interest of more buyers high-quality photos and videos are a must. You need to showcase your home in the best way possible. However, if you skimp on this part, you will lose out on a huge market as potential buyers won’t give it even a second thought given that there are also thousands of other listings. 

Overlooking the Costs of Selling a Home

When selling a home, many home sellers get caught up in the excitement of making a substantial profit and fail to consider the various costs of selling a home. As a result, they are left disappointed and even in some cases, in a worse financial situation. So it is important to factor in all these costs to better prepare for them and even make wiser decisions such as selling to a we buy houses Washington State company. 

When you choose to sell to His Hands Properties, you don’t incur even a single penny. The entire process is cost-free and hassle-free and we take care of everything.

Failing to Consider Other Options

Now, let’s dive into what you’ve been waiting for; to learn why you should consider selling to a we buy houses Washington State company. When it comes to selling a house there are various options available, and while selling through a realtor is the most widely known method, it has a long lot of downsides and challenges, as shown in the points above. Note that these are just but a few of them. 

Here’s How We Buy Houses In Washington State

However, there is one method that seeks to eliminate all these issues and allow for a quick, cost-free, and stress-free way of selling your home – choosing we buy houses Washington State. Ours is a simple straightforward 4-step process;

i) Contact us and tell us about your property

ii) If your property meets our purchasing criteria, we will call you to schedule a home visit

iii) We provide you with a fair written and no-obligation offer within 24 hours

iv) We close at a reputable local title company. We can close in as little as 7 days or at your earliest convenience

It is as easy as that. 

Contact us by filling the form below or call us at (360) 536-5206 to achieve your dream of selling a home for a fair price and sell the stress free way.

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